Best Infinite Flight Photos [Official Thread]


Would be great to see that in game!


Bigger Budget

Flight to KSEA with HelloSkyman.



did you photoshop that at all?


how did you get that interior shot?


Not Photoshop, but yes edited



Seattle on Expert. I’m that Emirates 777-200LR by the way.


Someone was floating in the first picture…


Looks nice! I was just started something similar day before yesterday, we’ll see how it comes out 🙄


On Final into VHHH




“Full right”


🇳🇱~Welkom in Amsterdam~🇳🇱

Indonesia 088 was prepared to land at Schiphol runway 18C. After doing a flight from Singapore Changi
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Jet2 Flight LS406 Paris Charles du Golle - Leeds Bradford Airport


Flight Photography

Jet2 Flight LS406 Pushing back at Charles du Golle

Reaching FL32 above France

Descending in to Leeds Bradford

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Leeds Bradford Airport.


Those terminals are photoshopped, am I right?


Yes, I cut out the windows myself. I have the two saved to files. PM me if you want them.


I used freecam. It’s really easy just remember that left side of the screen is to move around, and the right side is for looking around. ;)


Night patrol


That angle with the lighting and airplane is jut awesome!