Best Infinite Flight Photos [Official Thread]


Which one looks more realistic? 🤔

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Laura for some reason is still at Burbank, so I thought I’d try and get a good photo with my plane and her CRJ


Maybe I saw that he was flying the CRJ.

what a pointless comment…


I was flying to the South Pole airbase, and what on earth happened here? I also lost full control over the aircraft. It just hovered at 140 k feet-wouldn’t sink or turn.


And another overnight-flight!


Holding pattern after go around over NZWN waiting for fog to clear landed at 2nd attempt.


This is the way.

I did not have any problems flying there, you just lost control due to the altitude I think .



Where are you taking off?


I took that a while ago but I think it was NZQN


Here are some pics from my live stream EGSS-EPPO (London Stansted to Poznan Lawica)

Here’s my YouTube channel


Please Do NOT try to pull that over.

Fun Fact: Alpha/Beta aircraft can only be seen by the pilots themselves 🙂

Maybe next time try to find the real Laura…


Name the airport I’m departing…😁


Wow, what an honour; naming an airport. I’m going to call it Steve.


the king of Dad Jokes strikes again


It is in fact Norman ! Better luck next time :-)


You man dead? Also, when have I ever told a dead joke before?



747s about to drop the hottest mixtape of 2018…


you can still see them but they just appear as the old livery