Best Infinite Flight Photos [Official Thread]


Flight of 3


High above the Bahamas:


Shouldn’t of said that mate you would of got tons of likes ;)


Is this nice?

Fixed it!


Now have someone try and photoshop the max 8 Livery on there as the plane is in the same position as one of the real life Max 8 pictures. :)


In my opinion, yes.

I prefer pics in 16:9 though


How do I do that?

Sorry for my noobishness.


I thought it looked similar to something else!


It is the basic rectangle that majority of phones have. Sometimes it’s write inside the crop section of your app.


I cropped it already, maybe wrong format?


There are no wrong format !
just the one you prefer


I fixed it :)
Should look good now


That looked real for a second!




An amazing FNF-group-stream-flight or whatever you’d like to call it! xD


Hello Vancouver


Even better ! People who want can now use it as a wallpaper


Great photos. I loved the stream.


“God Save Our Gracious Queen!”

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