Best Infinite Flight Photos [Official Thread]


I 698.987456374839201% can’t believe that’s Infinite Flight!


The third pic is nice shot of the sunset.



Air India 319


Descending over the Missouri River to rwy 12…


The Bahamas sure are beautiful at 140,000 AGL


Arrival into MOSCOW from DOHA!


Very difficult flying with over 50knt winds!!!😮😧


Loving the new CRJ900!


Departing VIDP [Delhi] En Route Mumbai [VABB]


Low Visibility, High Traffic


Some pics down right wind approach to Zagreb. Beautiful scenery with the sun popping from the east!



I used the glitch at VNLK (Lukla) where if you spawn on approach, you go inside a mountain. I’m pretty sure you have to use an f22.


What cam did u use to get that?


Looks like Free Cam to me.




I have no idea now how many hundreds of replies back in this thread l first posted my initial interrogative about the glitch… nor do l even remember it but thanks anyway for your eventual reply !!!


Air Canada 781 CYYZ-KLAX 5 hour flight. Beautiful scenery on this flight. Spotted two Air Canada livery’s at CYYZ… one 787 going to Quebec and another 777 flying over the Atlantic to Zurich… I Landed not to long ago but hope those pilots are having a safe and smooth flight. Landed in Los Angeles in the afternoon with probably one of my smoothest landings yet and did some spotting while my plane rested from a long flight through America . (Pictures not in order) Enjoy


wow! absolutely amazing pics! i like the filters, too :)


OMG!!! That’s amazing! Dude, Infinite Flight 2020? lol


landing in Atlanta