Best Infinite Flight Photos [Official Thread]


Thank you! I also is working some new photos,stay tune ;)


I would never mean to be the slightest bit cheeky, or rude, but I for one never really liked tge landing aid (I guess it makes sense in your visibility situation)


Hi KingWings

Do you mean the red boxes? If so your right, I should try without them, I’m new to infinite flight, so very much learning, I’m ok at using the horizontal ILS thing, but need more practice to combine it with the vertical one… only at something like 115 landings total… deffo needs more work


I see, well you should have a lot of fun with IF @Paul_Robson!


I am, annoyingly addictive, as don’t have alot of free time… ;o)


I would definitely say I’m addicted but it’s not annoying to me lol I love infinte flight!


only cause I have soo much other stuff I should be doing, but then kinda nice to escape reality for a short while ;o)


This isn’t infinite flight is it?


Love those red parallelograms …kinda reminds of math class when l was in elementary school !!!


We are on our way to Copenhagen [EKCH] from London Gatwick [EGKK]


Qatar 77W climbing out of FSIA for Doha


That is actually a really cool FPL


Yes it`s infinite flight! 😄


Nothing special but a British Airways A320 Flying over England enroute for Dublin Intl departed from London Heathrow


That looked so real when I first saw it.


Chillin’ in Vancouver


Thanks for the comment on the picture realism wouldn’t be here without the devs and staff


SAS :)


I’ve learned to warm up to the SAS livery, I never used to like it, but now it’s like my second favorite livery, (NWA’s liveries are my favorite)


“𝑻𝒂𝒌𝒆𝒐𝒇𝒇” ✈️☀️