Best IF Photos


Funny… but l don’t remember seeing that control tower…when l flew out of there yesterday !!!


I recall Mark saying something about the Death Star relating to the Moon. It would make a good Easter egg. 😂😂😂


Ahh interesting. I did not know that


It may be a cold winter night, but that doesn’t stop me from spotting! ❄️🌛


Are these clouds or do they just seem to me?


Photoshop Tuesday


United Airline coming in for a bad landing*🤣🤣😂



Embark A318 lifting off out of Denver



Banking in to Paro with a beautiful view!


ok thanks, you too have a good day ;)


Cockpit of DeerCrusher’s 737

[Met @DeerCrusher after a 4,5h flight from LPMA (Madeira) to HECA (Cairo), while he was flying in from LEMD (Madrid), I saw ihm early on into my flight but i wasnt able to quite catch up and arrivied arround 2mins after him. Happy to meet him in game after coming across quite a few of his posts in the forum :) ]


How do you get such great sunsets and sunrises I can never get the misty look at them


@kadigeN Nice to see you too buddy. Nice landing too. I was watching. 😉

@thomasmorrison I have all of my settings cranked up to high. Plus something to keep in mind is the visibility. You may get days where the sunrise is just the sun coming up without the “glow” on less hazy days and other days you may get that “glowing” effect when the visibility is greater than 50km. I didn’t really do anything special to take that photo. Just opened up the scenic cam, turned off airports, display names and user dot boxes. Waited for the opportune moment. 📸


Here are some… was just flying with an KC-10 and an PanAm 747-200 over Abu Dhabi and Dubai and made my way through California with the Citation X!
Have a great day guys! :D


May I ask what you’re doing at 72,000 ft?


Who cares it’s a great picture.


I disagree about it being a good picture. To answer the question they are mountain tops.


Wow that’s hash to @Ivo_Janacek.


May I ask what you’re doing at 90% the speed of sound xD? Shouldn’t your wings fall off?