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Keeping the throw backs coming


I don’t see how these photos are throwbacks… I mean they’re from before global but I’m not sure that really counts as a throwback.

Either way, nice photos.


Is it the old terrain?


I made a flight from AKL to WLG and it was one of the best tours I’ve done in IF! From the great views that gave me this territory and even the green fields, I fell in love with this journey, I share the photos of this magical trip



I think it might be the 100m terrain but I’m not sure. I’ll check shortly.


Nope, it’s 15m terrain but even the 15m terrain looks kinda blurry from low down.


So thats the old one right? But he is using the new aircraft.


So wich do you pick?? You should make up your mind…

Anyway I’m pretty sure it’s before global as it looks like the usual weird blurry houses.


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I dont know why light projection on the ground was taken out


Interesting photo. Weird that the lights on the runway are squares.


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MD-11 American Airlines MD-11 on Final!


Nice picture!

Did you edit it at all?


Only a Few modifications, That’s it :)



Flying over northen Portugal at sunset, close to arrival on LPPR airport (Porto) with an E190