Best IF Photos


A319 Germanwings close-up! 😋


” Flyyyy me to the moon!”
Mr. Sinatra


JackBot has a Impersonator…


Europe Division from IFAE GAF at ETAR



On approach to Miami International.


Nice iPhone X you got there man! ;)


Heading for Frankfurt at sunrise


Decided to do something different and take a stroll over and through Armenia. I was quite surprised to say the least, how beautiful it was. First time flying in the area, and definitely need to do some more exploring of the area.

Passing just over Lake Sevan in Armenia. A beautiful place may I add.

More of Armenia…


Did you fly a specific route? Looks beautiful!


Departing PHNL for PKMJ


What route was it specifically? I’ve flown over Georgia and Azerbaijan, but never actually Armenia. Because I do agree, it’s absolutely stunning. 100000/10 👍


I was originally but got side tracked by the views. So I made a detour. 😊


Vertical Takeoff at KBFI



I love that last picture! Great perspective!


Thanks! I saw this person when I landed in London from Chicago. They were in the grass off the airport, so I just tried to get creative with the free camera haha.


Silk Air A319 | Singapore - Penang - Singapore! Finally into grade 3! 😀✈


Down at Hong Kong


Mainly for @Infinite.flight.

Mainly for @Balloonchaser

My personal favorite: