Best IF Photos


Aww :( Im from Congo DR.


Etihad 170, KLAX-OMAA

Beautiful flight, route over North America and much of Western Europe.


this thread is my ultimate torture. I don’t have global yet, and looking at all these photos…
Hopefully soon :/


Gilbraltar actually isn’t in Spain, it’s considered part of the UK.


Fog at Zurich from my flight to Palma de Mallorca


I didn’t even know it was possible to do a 14 hour flight in complete darkness. When I reached north of Greenland the sun wouldn’t even rise even though it was noon.


Awesome pics! Thanks for sharing!


Over Canada



Thats beautiful !! Where is that ? By the airline I’ll guess New Zealand.


New Zealand NZQN- NZAA

If you wanna do route here are tips

Look up flightradar departure path its needed to avoid mountains with realistic throttle setting

Push 85% throttle (not n1) on takeoff from Queenstown. Slow throttle slowly.

Climb 2500-2899 (fpm) initial once above mountains climb 1500 feet to 39000





Somewhere in Africa.



Lovely departure from RJTT


Alitalia 776 Heavy on final rwy36 at Ibrahim Nasir Intl, Maldives coming from Leonardo Da Vinci Intl. Rome, Italy.


Over Dammam 🇸🇦 to Dubai 🇦🇪