Best IF Photos


Nice ! I did that flight last night around 11pm EST in the USA.


You sure about that ? Check again ;)



huh, i didnt notice that, i thought a few months ago people were complaining that IF didnt have anything but the A318 in the BA livery for the A320 family


I think they added it without saying it :D


Thanks brother! Do I have to post 20 characters? 👍🏼😊


Early morning flight north west from Calgary to anchorage. Daylight fading. Shame there is no 3D scenery in Alaska. 😩


Stunning approach into Guatemala.


These are too many photos aren’t they


Night vision pics from my KFLL-KORD flight yesterday, because @Recxx was having a hard time gazing at these pics in the log book. The last pic looks like the ol’ box TV got a scratch in the screen.


Still don’t think a Predator or Global Hawk would use any of these pics for targeting …particularly when they have much superior real time color images from the latest KH-X…but in any case l will put on my magnifying bifocals and shine an infrared spotlight on them !!!


“This Is My Country!”

(Caption from Don Raye and Al Jacobs Patriotic Song - “This Is My Country.”



It’s were the tower is supposed to be.


Foggy out of Atlanta 🌁🌄


I believe this is moonrise in California… it’s been a while since I took these so I don’t really remember 😂


Approaching the coast of Spain on my flight to Madrid from Miami

Left downwind rwy32L to Madrid LEMD

"Europa 98, Madrid Tower, winds 360* 7kts, number 1, rwy32L Clear to land"


No editing whatsoever, these are from an evening departure of PHNL-YMML.


how did you get those beutifull lights ? :D


I think he edited the screenshots