Best IF Photos


For future reference, you need to plan to have a bit of extra fuel for go-arounds, like in this case, and in case you get put in a holding pattern. But thats another thread :)


Wtf this mountain so high my climb rate cant keep up. Crashed :-(


That could be Mount Everest, not sure. Why you kept climbing towards it ? You could’ve bank left or right and avoid it🤷🏽‍♂️


“Good Morning Baltimore!”

Caption from the Movie and Broadway Musical “Hairspray”


Hello Hawaii! Looking good!


This is my best one. Air New Zealand 787-9 somwhere near EGYM


That is just stunning! Amazing job!


Two beautiful planes!


That “green thing” is a light that determines the type of airport it is
Check this topic for info
Anyone know what this is?


Ahh sunsets in Infinite flight are soooo stunning!


how abou’ the a320 and 737? I personally prefer them


39000ft near Innsbruck


Inbound or departing from Amsterdam then?


Departing Amsterdam for Nairobi.


Get out and explore🏞




Doing some pattern work in the mountains of Colorado. (KGWS) Just stunning!


My best one yet:


KLM orange Pride at Lagos Nigeria going to Amsterdam

Cruising above Ghanan villages and other West African Cities and villages. Also crossed the west Sahara

Flying over the Brussels area


Emirates a380 KJFK-OMDB 9 hours to go with that beautiful red moon reflection