Best IF Photos


“Nothing Can Stop The U.S Air Force!”


Caption from The U.S Air Force Hymn, “Off We Go”


I believe this is me. Japan?


I was on a flight from Tirana to Bari a couple of months back and I enjoyed the route. Its also a nice short flight


Why can’t I edit my pics. It makes it better in my perspective. Yes Global is very beautiful but I still think it could use a bit of editing depending on the shot. Sorry if this came on too harsh


Fart sounds as it blows away like a balloon


Oh don’t get me wrong. You have every right to edit your photos. I was just saying why edit when the original is just as good? :)


Busy airport leaving EDDT with a nice variety of aircraft. Some familiar names from the community are in this shot.


My first edit after Global
Enter Air at Madeira! :)



While y’all playing, I like the new Pepsi reflection.


Sunset to Mexico City 🇲🇽 from Los Angeles🌞✈️


Lufthansa 431 contact Langen Radar on 120.15, good day.


The Orange Pride departing Buitenveldertbaan RWY 27 over 9 hours ago for Singapore! 2 hours to go now!


What is this green thing at NZSP for? Santas land mark?


**EXTREMELY close call with airforce one at KMIA **



May I ask why you did not initiate a go around?


Fuel was too low i needed to land


You could plan fuel better then. Also there is a report feature for bad pilots who don’t give priority to low fuel aircraft


Yeah i did need to plan it better, i guess he was just in a huge rush aha what made it worse was the ATC logged off just 3minutes before hand, i didnt really expect this as it was expert server… im sure his fuel was fine because he was going full speed the whole flight(came from same airport as me)