Best IF Photos


Air India 101 from New Delhi to JFK. Caught this while flying over Greenland.


First pic: AAL crusing heading to KJFK; took off from KLAX


The flight from kmia to tncm is just amazing !!


Approaching my hometown of Puerto Rico coming from KFLL

Old San Juan bay
Final to Rwy10 SJU TJSJ


I’m soooooooo happy right now

No more TS1 for a bit now


Congratulations on hitting grade 3


Congrats! Have a great time on the expert server!


That’s quite some roll you got there.


Why are you lining up to wait when one engine is off? Save fuel?



Not many things more iconic in aviation than a Pan Am 747-200




My daily flight . Ethiopian 78 .
From Beijing to Addis Ababa. Flight time 9 hour and 35 minuets.

Have a safe flight .


nice catch, yeah i tried to save some fuel while waiting, powered it back up right after the picture, and atc cleared me really fast to line up and wait there as you can see, this was also the second plane landing so i was already waiting for a little bit


Ah. Makes sense! Nice!


I did this same flight reversed earlier in the Global phase. What brought you to fly to Bari?


A pic for a video and flight I’m going to do. It will be my first long haul.


Best part of London to Perth is flying over Dubai at 37,000ft