Best IF Photos


Last screen :)


United Flight 64 taking off from EWR climbing over New York, on route to Lisbon (LIS).


Try taking a screenshot 😉


@RaulSoares93 and @OiseauPlume I’m with you both.


My flights today,

Barcelona - Dublin, crossing the English Channel towards the Irish Sea :)

Barcelona - Budapest, departure into the Mediterranean Sea from El Prat.

Not done yet gonna switch to the USA for some day flights


Someone needs to go over Antartica and get us some pictures ;)


Huh. What WOULD actually happen?


Let’s find out! 🤷‍♂️


If you have autopilot set to 180 and no autonav, youj will fly over the pole then you will enter a holding pattern over the pole because of the turning radius, you will never reach 180 again.


Departing KLAX



Can someone take some screenshots from Lisbon/Lisboa? I wanna see it :D


I am on my way there now crossing the Atlantic. When I get there I will take some pics!



Meanwhile, on Android devices …

PHOTO: Flight in the Singapore region. I just landed.


I hear you. Android sucks…😠😤.
I can’t wait no more. I don’t even play infinite flight anymore. Won’t play until the update


Views of the Grand Canyon departing from Las Vegas McCarron


That is just amazing i have no words.


JetBlue 683 descending into Haiti from JFK airport. Was flying over Cuba at the time picture was taken


New IF loading screen! Love it


Android doesn’t suck…