Best IF Photos




LFLJ Altiport!


Flying over Hawaii :)


Lufthansa turning over India after 7 hours


I hate seeing all these picture because I can’t fly wail I’m at school.


It doesn’t make me mad but more sad because no one thinks about android users WE WANNA FLY TOO YOU KNOW… 😭😭😭😭


Somewhere over Switzerland :)

Click the images for a better quality



Be glad you even have the update.


I so am! It is so much fun. I love what they had done to IF!


I said/guessed that as well



Approach into New Orleans!

Side note: The sun in this game is gigantic!


First long haul today. Flew over a great lake and made a stop for gas Will be enroute again shortly. Nice to see the 757 got its bugs fixed


The new generation of boeing


Im still waiting on Global to come on Android…


You’re not alone mate 😐


Some photos from a flight I did with @DeerCrusher earlier today.

Climbing out of O86.

In cruise with Mt. Shasta off our left wing.

The Deer Murderer on my 6 out the view of my cabin door with Mt Shasta in the background.


I mean it doesn’t look that bad… ;) but still i cant wait till Global.


It seems like for me, global is still in development. But then again this kind of resembles a public beta