Best IF Photos



IPad mini 2 it works really god


So beautiful. Where is that?


Innsbruck, really nice scenery there


That’s the exact same thing I’m going to do first when the Android update is released HAHA


You posted the same pictures twice. Remove one of them so we have more room in the topic please.(:


I feel you I’m flying to changi from sfo and it is taking forever but I have good photos!


Ik this is stupid but I took of from YAYE with the C172 and landed on top of the Uluru XD


My God… absolutely breathtaking. Hard to believe that this is mobile flight simulator. Pure genius FDS.


Yeah, after that I’ll be doing a flight between Los Angeles and Chicago Ohare to kick off my around the world flights.


Apple users will get to fly on the OLED display soon too! :D


Was taken yesterday night American A321 KLAX-KDFW just before takeoff


Here are some pics from my QTR A319 flight from OTHH (Doha Hammad) to OISS (Shiraz Shahid Dastgheib). Another route I recommend for great scenery lovers.


Florida scenery making me happy!

Going to Florida on the 23!


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How’s the scenery down in MSLP? I want to recreate the Delta flight MSLP-KLAX when I get home from work?


Landed in KMEM from KJFK from a 2 hour cargo haul! Graphics totally caught me off guard 😍


I am an IOS user so…


Would anyone recommend TNCM to Dublin?


This update is amazing, even a day in and I’m still amazed by the beautiful graphics