Best IF Photos


Nice photos everyone! Definitely nice to see the scenery!


VOHS-VABB in an IndiGo A320 (Pictures taken in different time settings)


I LOVE THE MOON AND SUN. THEY LOOK SO GOOD. I actually tried to go to the date of the eclipse. But i dont think it worked I found a harvest moon on feb. 21 in the night somewhere


Is there a special way to save screen shots, or is everyone just using the standard iOS method of home button & power at the same time to take a screen shot?


Using Google Maps, some logic, and an SR22, I was able to takeoff form a grass strip nearby and successfully find my house! It’s circled in black in two of the pictures.



Flying out from beautiful Mykonos. I’m officially blown away by the graphics.


You dont like flying with real time?


This was this morning, haha. 😉


I also found my neighborhood, street. And then. HOUSE! Update is great😎


Almost there!


our beautiful greece!!!i m waiting for the android devices update!!!


i went on the val’s flight tracker and i was so surprised…
it literally looks like im looking at flightradar24 or something



Flying out of Billings and in the distance is Yellowstone National Park! Had to brighten the photos up a bit since it was very dark their.





First flight from Milan to Munich.


JAL B747-200 departing from RJTT, Tokyo.