Best IF Photos


I agree mate I think since the update the planes look s little “cheaper” and the terrain isn’t too great at low altitude, EGLL loads and looks like it’s in a desert… hope this is down to servers/streaming and will gradually get better


Transavia Boeing 737-800 from Rotterdam to Barcelona.



Who remembers this old terrain?


Departure from WMKK to WSSS


Well I never, a Transavia 737-800. I was given a little desktop model of this aircraft as a gift several years ago. I’m not sure about de-icing, but it certainly needs de-dusting before flight.


Cessna going over to Rottnest Western Aus


Jetstar Perth to Adelaide





Memorabilia from my first flight in Global, from DAUL to DAUO in 1 hour and 17 minutes, cruising at 18,000ft.


Be jelaus…


Departing CYYZ just to fly around for fun. Haven’t done a huge route yet. It takes longer than you would expect.


Will be back to Lukla within the next couple months.


![8BECF59A-5273-4770-92FC-3A2FED705007|690x387](upload: //8gOU3dZNVeyRMWCk6mgyo4z7xtJ.jpg)
Photos from a flight from Barra to Glasgow. Recommend this route for people not willing to do long flights


Super long flight!


Of course! Feel free to, glad you like them.


Tampa to Gatwick (daily BA flight)


Heading towards the beautiful sunset over the Turkish soil


O my gosh I want to fly that route so much, what does the runway at Bara look like? The mountains look awesome


In a few short days it will gain the title of “Busiest airport on TS1”