Best IF Photos



Remember 24 hours ago when we had regions?


Me flying past Mt Taranaki, New Zealand!!


That is awesome!!! What a picture @BenW


Was just there, at Melbourne airport


Patients is key, it will be out for you in a few days


So far all the flights I’ve done.


I must say, this new update is amazing and worth every spent cent and all the time!

And the scenery, my god!!! I love it!! especially Western Australia’s scenery. woohoo, good job FDS. love you all!!! :)

Photos to follow… JB.


Quick Shuttle from EDDL to EGLL in sunrise.


Klax-egll had to wake up a 2am


A few better pics from me:

Currently flying to Melbourne. Hopefully will get a few formation shots with @Aussie_Wombat!


I think I am about to fly past both of you :P


You are too! Captain Pringles?


awesome photos @Captain_Ed!! I love the one of the rock :)

I’ll be flying YPPH to NZAA in 35 mins so should be an interesting flight.


Yes, should change it to my community name on here.


Fair bit of traffic at Auckland! Global is great/ I honest;y love LNAV. So helpful


Jetstar A320 flying over Coffs Harbour from YBCG - YSSY!


Am I the only one disillusioned with global? I explained, I have all the graphics in high and the tone that the planes have now does not convince me. now mate with a bluish color that according to the angle from where you look does not fit well with the stage. Regarding the scenario, I sincerely liked the previous one because now everything is very blurry unless you raise a barbarity. I hope it is server problem because otherwise …


American 777 climbing past Mount Fuji heading towards Yokota Air Base


I hope that I didn’t have spawning issues again… I can’t get enough of that terrain.