Best IF Photos


Amazing shot! 😍 The moon is incredible!


Thanks and IF moon Looks so real but I think this shot that I took is much better 😊


It’s definitely getting faster to join



Annett, how long did you wait for it to load?


15 seconds It’s really fast now


Same, spawning is super fast for me too.


teel water in the Bahamas and Rocky Mountains in Alberta


What device are you using bro


KMSY to EGLL leaving continental US behind during a beautiful sunset. it’s BA weekly wednesday flight. i completed in 7hr28min and had 5000lbs fuel remaining on touchdown. fantastic flight!


My first flight was from EGCC-LTBS Here are some pictures.


This was all in current time using the A321 Thomas cook. I flew over Munich while on my way as well as part of the alps. It was such a nice flight to do.




Nope. Their servers are dealing with large amounts of people joining all at once, and they’re dealing with record breaking amounts of users on their servers at this time. Once it calms down a bit and they upgrade their servers, it should load in nicely.


Not for me. And I even don’t have IF Pro…
It takes sometimes 4-5min and it doesn’t load.


First flight on solo


Graphics are so lovely!!

Now every single IF pic looks nice ;D


Now after a long time of wait, it finally loads!!

Here is some shots from a short Flight out of AMS with the KLM orange pride livery. Surprised no one posted any photos of her…


When your going to sleep right now but you have this flight:


American 777 on approach to Heathrow from Dallas Fort Worth


Isn’t it amazing to know that this is Infinite Flight.