Best IF Photos


Currently on route to PHNL from KSFO. I have 4:30 hours remaining, haha! Longest flight yet. Does anyone know if PHNL spawns ok?


Sorry for all th post lately… but this was simply toooooo beautiful to not share with the community.


Does anybody have any photos of the flat terrain above the 60 degree parallel.


Going to do his flight Friday, unless IFATC has an amazing FNF up there sleeves.

@Joseph_Spinner here is a nice shot of MYR I took


JetBlue 42 descending next to Lake Tahoe inbound for KRNO.


I have many good photos that I will share from my flight from KLAX-YSSY with both a sunset and a sunrise!


Top pics are me flying into Grand Turk, other ones are just cool… it is crazy what a mobile flight sim can really do, thanks and congrats FDS :)



How were you going 538kts


My first Global flight.I didn’t finish it. I planned to go from LAX to Mexico City but it was going to be three hours.


Not really sure :)- I wasn’t overspending so it must of been the winds


Us Android users are soon gonna be flying global on a Super AMOLED display!!! 😍😍😍


too bad I can’t run at max settings :(


Is it ok if I make this my desktop background picture.


Currently doing a flight from honolulu to portland! Photos coming soon! And photos from a flight from queenstown (New Zealand) to Auckland (New Zealand) some of the most beautiful scenery ever!


Words cannot describe…

Who has tried the little Cirrus SR 22 in the big Global world? This pic was taken just above Sunshine Coast Airport, Australia.



click for full res


Beautiful Australia! I’m planning on doing a GA flight right after I land!


Where about a are you flying to now? I just did a flight from Sydney to Sunshine Coast.


These are just so beautiful 😍. None of these are edited. @DeerCrusher you were right!