Best IF Photos


my group is IFPHG…but i also fly with IFAE


Delta Airlines Airbus a319 descending into San Salvador. 🇸🇻


will it be at MSLP??


Yeah and I hope this is how the scenery going to be looking in global.


first flight once global comes out. KIAD-MSLP. i fly it all the time


Cool and me from KATL to MSLP.


Nice. can’t wait from global!


Photo credits @Polish_Pilot


Nighttime side by side approach to SFO!


You have just made my day, this picture is awesome, I love it! Congratulations for this piece of IF art!


like this? @TheRAFPilot


I’m so confused as to what is going on in that photo… 😂


Emirates. Enough said. 😂


two planes taking off and others are taxiing, I think lol, but it’s still being an awesome picture


Umm… sorry but this topic is for infinite Flight photos, not real life ones. Great job dude!


This is the beginning of a great thing to come. Plans for a VA are under way. @jdag2004 @Livmap @kiandw @Muzi_Zungu @Johann_Viljoen and everyone that would like to join us.


Is it coming out soon?


Pretty sure he knows, he is the deputy.😂

@kiandw is the Cheif Pilot, and @Imran is head of ATC. Those are the South Africans in the staff team.

We plan in releasing when Global comes out.


Boeing 747-200 in the house livery. Not the best photoshop ever but at least I tried.


Lol, so we all are South Africans😂