Best IF Photos


I landed on runway with no landing gear. I did turn it into a meme if you want to see the meme version PM me I wanna keep this on topic. No memes, just photos for this topic.


Probably hijacked going in for the Hollywood sign :P



Approach into KPSP


IFAE-AF -Hunter flying into the pits of hell in the Caribbean wind 53knots


Just a PSA for this thread…
Is it really your best work when you don’t do anything but post a screen shot? I’m not saying you have to spend half an hour on editing, but at least crop the photo at a bare minimum. Editing can really make your photos look so much better. IOS devices lets you edit your photos in the photo app itself. Even just a filter can add better color and lighting to your pictures.



Takeoff on a cloudy day at San Diego:


A really lovely photo



Here is a few



Extremely Enhanced Logo, Edited on photoshop.
InfiniteFlightLogo copy


This topic is for best IF photos.


Me and my good friend @Touraj


The citation is from IF, the rest is the Interweb 😂


… What do you mean? I just made a landing without landing gear in IF…


How is this a “best IF photo”? Just a fighter jet and you circle your altitude…


It’s should be in record category not best photo 🙂


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