Best IF Photos


A little to high there. Especially fo Gibraltar.


Sorry bro but it looks a bit… not good. Nice try tho. Love the concept behind it.


I know it hurts but the lights are just too bright. Maybe do a little editing to the raw picture and then add the lights and also make them less bright. That should be nice.


I did not have anything to do so I spent some time to enjoy me by plane edit 🙂


Anyways, what do you think about my edits? Are they good?


It’s very difficult to edit light by phon . You must have computer software to edit light professional,


Very nice I have already liked your photo,


Yeah. Those two I posted above where made by PS. I use aviary on my phone for basic editing such as brightness and exposure adjustments.


I want make photo as realistic, I do not use so much color, so it does not look like photoshop


Edit with aviary a bit and you would get some pleasant results.


Your Edit is Nice i notice now after I saw another to photo original 👍


I will try aviary apps thanks


My favourite airline


San diego



Now, before I start. I’m apologizing for this quality.

This is the worst edit IFC has ever seen.

You ready guys?


That’s a really cool edit, how is that the worst?! I’ve seen wayyy worse trust me…

The only thing I can actually notice if I pay some attention is that the engine seems to have had an explosion or has partly teared. ;)


lol where is this 787 supposed to be landing? The Griffith Observatory? Nice try though… definitely not the worst.


flying in pre Irma conditions in the Caribbean calm before the storm.


These are a couple of edits I made using LightX, they came out pretty nice I think, especially the SWA one.