Best IF Photos


Hilo from above


One up and away, four left #IFAE




JetBlue Virtual is very much needed


JetBlue are very protective of their name and don’t let VAs use it


I know, it really sucks. I’ve emailed JetBlue just to give it a shot.


Flying around the Blue Mountains…


Bombardier dash-8



Hey, I saw you take off from San Deigo Intl. was this you:


Hey, let me know the answer, I’m interested in a JetBlue virtual


TS1 in one picture. Haha


Why can’t IF have a JetBlue VA? Other flight sims like XPlane 10, P3D and FSX. Is it because we are mobile?


The 747 was taking off after the controller told him to hold short, the the 737 on short final was told to execute a missed approach, and the KLM 737 taxied through me because I was waiting too long (I was holding short so the 737 could land)



What about the Delta VA pilot?


That was the one told to execute a missed approach seconds before touchdown


Gotta love IF


Luv Southwest💙❤️💛


No wonder why they call her the queen of the skies! God save the queen?


Qantas Boeing 787-9 Landing at London Heathrow 27L. (1/3)