Best IF Photos


Figured I’d try my hand at screenshot editing:

(QantasLink Dash 8 out of YSSY)



What I love when I’m editing these photos is the fact that you don’t see the potential for the outcome until you actually do it, I am loving all these photos that I’ve recently posted and I can’t wait to see the potential when global comes!



“DLVA7871 Heavy’s Hawaiian Sunrise”


I like the terrain challenge of the GPS RWY08 approach. 😅




Peek-a-Boo 🙂


You asked me earlier why I don’t edit my photos more, can I ask why you edit your photos so much, as in what’s the purpose of the top photos where you don’t see anything.


Should Best IF Photos be split into edited and unedited content?

  • Yes
  • No
  • They’re screenshots. I don’t care, frankly.
  • They’re screenshots. I don’t care, frankly; but for the sake of my sanity, yes.

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Let’s end this debate once and for all. 😩🙄


I think they look much much better edited, the sky looks better, the sun, the sea, especially the mountains. The mountains arent green they look much better when edited.


No… Both edited and unedited are the same, there is no reason for them to to be split into edited and unedited content in my opinion.


Tried to make the best of TS1.


As usual at KNUC, Traffic!


An Allegiant 757-200


I really enjoyed editing these, the rest will be uploaded later :)




IFC has spoken. Thanks to all that participated! Haha



I pmd @NEO about it. Never got a reply




Solo flight .