Best IF Photos


Airbus and a winglet.


Maybe ask someone? I don’t know much about this. I’m sure that something can be done about it though.

I mean that the engine view looks incredibly unrealistic if you don’t zoom in.


Qatar Airways departs from KPSP


I believe this was an A318 that was doing touch and goes. Got a shot of the crosswind landing.


Flying high, eh? (See what I did there😉)


Oh... you betcha! ;)


Flying high in the A380😍


Old FDS livery.


Spotting at Honolulu earlier.


I saw you parked there! Did you catch my takeoff in a 717?


Cruising to the sunset


Were you in the Hawaiian 717? If so I got you while pushing back, I think I left before you took off.


Delta Over Denver


Approach into Madeira.


Yup, that's me :-)...



Your photos would look 100 times better if you didn't have your HUD there. 👌


787 Wingflex at cruising altitude vs on ground
wingflex is realllll on this one



Now I know what you're thinking- "I can't even see the plane in some of them..." That was actually was I was aiming for and I thought doing it looked amazing. Unfortunately, in real life there were a lot of clouds over Hawaii and infinite flight has real life whether which meant it took a while to find the right spot and I didn't get many photos. I hope you like the ones above and I'll be posting more tomorrow :)