Best IF Photos


Why so nostalgic? Is it because @Wyn2x invented it?


They're just out of the frame lol


No cause of the new KLM livery I'm the front then the old one in the back



It took me 45 minutes to edit these all and I have to say, these are probably my best edited photos! Or atleast, some of the best.


45 minutes? Takes me like a minute


Yes, 45 minutes because I like to see what goes best with what, what doesn't go so well and why it doesn't go well so I can fix it to make it look better. I also try different combinations of contrast, exposure, brightness, saturation etc to make it look amazing and I also experiment with the angle of the photo and what colours go best with that angle. If that makes sense :)


Totally understand. If you see my photos I simply apply one filter


Great pictures! It would look even better if you remove those black things in the top and bottom of the pictures. Also if you fix the engine view.


Like let's take this pic for an example.

I simply crop and add one filter and I get this:


I can’t do anything about that, when I go to crop the pictures I press “16:9” and it makes it smaller and creates the black stripes at the top and bottom.

What do you mean?


What device do you have?


Samsung galaxy S6 edge.


That'll be it, I edit my photos on my Ipad pro, I have totally different editing tools from you.

Here are my editing options:


The app I use but for ios.


I just use apple's photo app and they have editing tools within the app. Ive run out of likes


Yh. The Apple editor looks nice. Sadly the Samsung one is pretty obsolete and simple.


I would consider apple's photo app editing tools simple to, but I make the most out of it and I can still make great photos.


Haha I'm expecting some nice global pics from you when it's released😉


Indeed! #dubai #Sydney #The Bahamas #photos