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Air Tran 717-200 Trip Report / Final Flight

Hi guys, today just had a crazy idea. My idea was to do a trip report based here on IF. Hope you guys enjoy!

Me:Welcome to my first trip report, today here at San Diego (KSAN/SAN) at the gate waiting to board this flight. It is bound to Victorville,please note that this plane is empty and not in a real route at all.

In the plane we get the first impression, cramped seats. Here waiting for pushback.

While waiting here’s some planespotting:

Blanc 737 (Private) Heading out to Las Vegas.

FDS 777 (don’t know where it is heading) in the runway

We are in the air, see you San Diego in a few weeks!

While at cruise altitude (17,000ft) crew gave me food, impressive how they still got food for only one person,hats for you Air Tran!

Starting to descend towards Victorville

Landed! Smooth one

And we got a water salute!

Outside view from a worker:

Thanks for serving us N960AT! Anyways hope you enjoyed this virtual trip report, just found this fun to do.

(This was very hard to make)


The effort you took make that is interesting while not the highest in the world I can appreciate what you did to try and make it work good on you.


Went for a nice flight around Denver in a Lufty 77F


Air China 24 Heavy cruising over the ocean.



Southwest Virtual Pop-Up Landing Competition


This thing is so stupid (but in a good way) it is hilarious.


I’m in love with this screenshot. 😊
Leaving KORD.


Very creative lol. Nice job👍. I might have to create one of these lol


Something interesting I found in my photo library


I don’t think going around asking “Is this post positive enough?” is going to get your regular status back.


I’m really pleased with this screenshot of Speedbirds at KJFK on expert. No editing. Can I get your thoughts? (Criticism is more than welcome).


Well, to be fair, nothing will ever make me become a Regular again. However, I see your point and I will remove it.


Was able to make noon look like early evening


This my friends is a preview of global :-)


Stop making this a va advertising thread


Yeah, global In the year of 2023



I had an amazing flight with the beauty of the 777-300ER.


Maybe a bit overedited