Best IF Photos


Just amazing - beautiful!


In preparation for @SingaporeAirlines final flight at WIDD.


Parked at WMKK with @Neeson52 to commemorate this special last flight for @SingaporeAirlines.


  1. Tails of Ryanair B738, EasyJet A320, Delta A319. Parked at EGSS.
  2. Spotting from the beach at TNCM.


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Imagine the satellite imagery at TNCM combined with Free cam, #ifbeachphotos


A flight with @FlyTheFlag and @Neeson52 from WIDD-WSSS-WMKJ-WMKK + a low pass at WMKM


I noticed that this thread has become an VA advertisement thread. Can we stop with the advertising? ✋️

Any way, here is just another A318 takeoff from EHAM.

For some reason it has much worse quality than the original one, could someone tell me why it is bad quality and how to fix it?


United at parking after a long flight


the lower quality is because the picture is a .jpg file which lowers the quality of the photo a bit to reduce file size

.png file is a picture file that retains that quality
^^you’re going to have to use .png

just noticed that your picture file is, in fact, a .png
the drop is quality is probably because of file compression then


Warning ⚠



Just landing after a flight from Hilo in a Hawaiian B717





Misha spotted at Antigua

Finishing a flight from Stansted to Birmingham


London was packed and had Approach and Departure some time ago!


Birmingham today:


Took quite a bit of editing to get it like this ;)