Beechcraft King Air 350i


Did you read through the full thread?


Beautiful. This and a good single turbo would really add to the IF GA fleet, and I think it would be perfect for short regional hops


I think the 350er would make sense as well. You could even perform a transatlantic flight in it.


Could it be or is it fake? Just stumbled over this pic.


Looks like a sim to me. Maybe it's Infinite Flight! 😜


Might be to good to be true but i would be against it if it is real xD


I think xp11 or just global


xp11, I have it and the King Air 350i is in it.


Its to short for a 350i and elevator is not on top of the rudder. Its more like the 90gtx or how its called.


You're correct. That's a King Air C90GTi. I have a buddy who flies N448CR which is basically the same exact one pictured above, only whoever modeled that got scared to use the real tail # so they changed it by one number.

Also this is clearly Aerofly 2 🙄


It would be so amazing to have the Beechcraft King Air 350i! It is one of my all-time favorite GA aircraft ever! :)



Heck Yeah!


Tbh, I’m surprised this thread is still open. 😂 Its a great aircraft and hope to see it one day.


Why can’t I vote twice 😩


Though scrap democracy if I can get this beauty ❤


This should definitely be the next aircraft.


This would be great on IF. We need some planes like this one in the game.


RAF 45(F) Squadron
I have flown with them.


Roger, I’ll get that added in as soon as I can.


I want to fly this thing! Unfortunately, I don’t have any votes left. Sorry :/