Beechcraft King Air 350i


In my top 3 wishlist, would love this!


Almost to 100.. (How does the system work with votes?)


No idea. From what I can assume, all of the features we post on the forum are a wait and see kind of thing. If the developers see something that they think would be great for the app, that we featured then great!


This is just another great GA aircraft that could potentially be added! Hope this comes soon!



Can you add these to the list of operators that you have already started on. Thanks.

Titan Airways

Flight Calibration Services


Done for you! I made it a wiki so you can add them next time.😁


Thanks. I appreciate it. 👍🏼


I hope the raaf have a livery


If you can find one, add a link in the comment's and I can add that into the list that we have already growing.


It's the KA350 king air
I've seen them do formation flying


Is it this one?



Yes it is
Skskkskskdkemek sorry 20 characters thing


Ok. You can check out the full list on post 13. I added it to the wiki that was created. Thanks. If you have any more that you don't see already on the list feel free to drop a link with those. 😉


I wish I could vote twice for the same thing 😞


Same here brother, same here. 😢


THIS, can fly over 10km!?


It's range is just under 2000km if that's what you're asking.


The altitude, 35 000ft if you prefer


wow amazing plane hop to see in the future on if


I'm sorry. I mis understood you, yes it can. 😊