Aviation Related Jobs Connection


Thanks! You be a very fun person talk with since of the type of flying you do!


That be a great idea! I might make a second post just for that!


Wonderful! If you need help just send me a pm :)


Amazing! I’m 14, I am delighted to see this.


I am hoping this becomes a great source for people!


It will be, I know loads of people including VA CEO’s, IFATC’s and so on who are my age.


Even though my job is easy im happy to answer any questions about it.


Hey Mark, I’m a ramper for Allegiant. (I’m gonna get some crap XD)


So… You must sit around all the time for broken jet? LOL Thanks man!


@Dubya just was added- He’s in a unique situation he’s an A&P apprentice perusing his A&P.


Don’t forget the flight instructors! You’ll see me on that list soon ;P


Thanks Koby! we can put a subsection as Pilots ;) Good luck man!


Great idea! I’m a FO on the BAe 146 with Pionair Australia.


Thank you, connections is how you get places so why not start here lol
Awesome thanks man! Second BAe driver on here


I saw that! Quite a rare plane now too! What are the odds?!


I need go get with Neptune to join the part lol Yeah that’s really awesome!