Aviation Colleges and Schools


Inspired by a request from @SterlingArcher
This is for those in a college and schools that are related to an aviation degree or certificate. This a source of people who agreed to discuss their schools.

If you like be added please list the name of your school, location and if it’s a community college or a Uni. If you attended a flight school please do the same thing.

If you are no longer in a school please don’t hesitate to drop your school information!

Myself: Alaska Career Center, Dispatcher Cert.

@SterlingArcher (Purdue, West Layefette Indiana, Mechanical engineering)
@JoshFly8 (Purdue, West Lafayette Indiana, AMT/A&P Certification)
@Ryan_E (Purdue, West Lafayette Indiana, PFT)
@N1RG and @N1DG (Henderson State University, Arkadelphia Arkansas, Areonautical Science-Professional)

Community Colleges:
@Dubya college of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas (technically Henderson, NV)


Flight schools:
@USA007 ATP Flight school (Daytona Beach)

Aviation Related Jobs Connection

Purdue University
Junior in Mechanical Engineering
Studying to become an Air Force Contractor

If you have any questions with regards to the engineering and the mechanics behind airplanes, feel free to drop a dm and I’ll be happy to share with you what we do here at Purdue University. I am also open to discussing about college life including Outdoor clubs, various engineering clubs and Greek life. My inbox is always open :)


Henderson State University
Going into JR year for Areonautical Science-Professioanl Pilot


Thanks gents?
@SterlingArcher and @N1RG


Henderson state is also a Flight school as well


College of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas (technically Henderson, NV).
Community college offering a Professional Pilot track and a Flight Operation track.

Great place to get a degree in aviation and a fixed wing, single engine commercial certificate


Thanks Dubya for being a point of contact!


Henderson state university. PPT professional pilot track Areonautical science


We’re going to need to organize a little Purdue meetup sometime… ;)


Oh for sure, pretty sure there a decent amount of purdue kids in here


Flight school ATP Flight School. It has multiple locations in the US and is good for all levels of flying.


What site are you at?


I havent started yet but just did the sign up fee for Daytona Beach. Will be doing the ATP fast track program there.


Awesome good luck and congratulations!