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In order for me to do that, PM me how many flights go to the destinations and what airplanes are used. Use my screenshot as a reference (second table)

This is only meant for regional routes


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Announcing brand new Routes from Manchester, NH, Cleveland, OH, and Denver, CO

Check out the brand new Routes below! We will be putting this on our website soon.

Source: http://www.cbre.us/people-and-offices/corporate-offices/miami

Announcing New Non-Stop service to Miami, FL

Today, we announce new Non-Stop Service to Miami, FL from Manchester, NH and Cleveland, OH.

All these flights will be 2x daily on the Boeing 737-800 (From Manchester, NH) and Airbus A320 (From Cleveland, OH), respectively from Both Locations starting today

Source: https://www.homeaway.com/d/31/phoenix

Announcing Non-Stop Seasonal Service to Phoenix, AZ

Today, we also Announce new Seasonal Non-Stop Service from Cleveland, OH.
The flight’s to Phoenix, AZ will be on a Boeing 737-700 1x daily starting today.

Source: http://www.100resilientcities.org/cities/st-louis/

Announcing Non Stop Service to St. Louis, MO

We announce Non-Stop Service to St. Louis from Manchester, NH and Cleveland, OH.
Both will use the Airbus A319 aircraft and will be 2x daily starting today

Source: https://www.sweetmagnoliatours.com/shop/tours/vacation-packages/new-orleans-vacation-package/

Announcing Non-Stop Seasonal Service to New Orleans, LA

The final Route Announcement for our Routes
We announce Non-Stop Seasonal Service to New Orleans from All our hubs in Manchester, NH, Denver, CO, and Cleveland, OH.
From Manchester, we will fly the Airbus A321, From Cleveland, we will use the Boeing 737-700, and the Airbus A319 from Denver.
These flights begin today, and will be 3x daily.

We have made our decision to serve these cities from Demand. We hope you will enjoy these new cities and we will be deciding what the next place we will fly to

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