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Winter Weather Alert for Manchester Airport

Due to an Approaching Winter Storm on the northeast, Flights into and out of Manchester (KMHT) will be affected. Some flights will either be delayed or cancelled. Cargo Operations at Manchester will be affected also.

Our Other hubs will operate normally, but routes into Manchester will most likely be Delayed or Cancelled. Operations should resume normally on Friday after the storm passes.

Thank you for taking the time to read this important notice. Stay safe.

Airports affected:
KMHT -Manchester-Boston Regional Airport

-Aviation Airways CEO Daniel Cerritos


Attention all pilots and passengers

All flights into and out of Manchester, NH (KMHT) have been grounded until Friday, January 5, 2018. Safety is our top priority, and we would like all of our Staff and Pilots to stay safe at home. Any Aviation Airways Flights departing to Manchester will be held at their origin until Friday at 7am EST.

Cargo flights have been grounded as well, expect your package to come in later than usual due to the storm.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused, and we hope you stay safe Tomorrow. All flight will resume Normally on Friday at 7am EST.

Stay home and Stay safe!

-Aviation Airways Staff and CEO


Flights Return to Normal Operations today

All flights are to resume normal operations today. Thank you for your patience and we hope you have a safe trip!


Hello everyone,

Flights into and out of MHT are being affected by the Winter Storm that is passing through. We are seeing Delays and some cancellations. All flights will resume normally tomorrow


Aviation Airways Update for 2/12/18

Hello Everyone! We’re sorry we’ve been gone for a bit, but now we are back with some new additions to our Airline, and we couldn’t wait to share them with you!

First and Foremost, our Regional airline Aviation Airways Express

Aviation Airways Express (Coming soon)

Aviation Airways Express is still in the works, but we will be launching our Regional Airline in the Spring of 2018, which is going to be soon! We have debated which airplanes to include and we have a fleet all set for when we launch our new regional airline.

With Aviation Airways Express, we hope to fly to smaller cities and towns in which big airplanes cannot fly to, and we already have a route set for the upcoming launch of Aviation Airways Express!

We will base our Regional Carriers at Both Manchester and Denver. Aviation Airways Express will launch at our Main Hub at Manchester, followed by Denver.

Route, Route Equipment Upgrades, and Hubs

We are thrilled to Launch some brand new routes out of Both Denver and Manchester, and we will start with our main hub at Manchester:

Manchester (KMHT)

New Routes
KMHT-KSAV x3 Daily on a Boeing 737-700
KMHT-KSJC x2 Daily on an Airbus A320
KMHT-KDLH x1 Daily on an Airbus A319
KMHT-KGFK x1 Daily on a Boeing 737-700
KMHT-KHSV x2 Daily on a Boeing 737-800

New Seasonal Routes (Winter-Spring)
KMHT-KFAR x2 Seasonal on a Boeing 737-700
KMHT-KBIS x2 Seasonal on an Airbus A321
KMHT-KEGE x4 Seasonal on a Boeing 737-800
KMHT-KASE x3 Seasonal on an Airbus A318
KMHT-TXKF x4 Seasonal on a DC-10

These new Routes will Begin in the Summer of 2018

Denver (KDEN)

New Routes
KDEN-PHNL x5 on a Boeing 787-8
KDEN-KPSP x3 on a Boeing 737-800
KDEN-MMTJ x2 on an Airbus A319
KDEN-MMLT x2 on an Airbus A320
KDEN-KHSV x1 on a Boeing 737-700

New Seasonal Routes (Winter-Spring)
KDEN-KACY Seasonal x1 on a Boeing 737-700
KDEN-KTLH Seasonal x2 on an Airbus A320
KDEN-KASE Seasonal x4 on an Airbus A318
KDEN-KEGE Seasonal x3 on a Boeing 737-800

These new Routes will Begin in the Summer of 2018

In addition to these new routes, we have also decided to upgrade some equipment we use on popular routes, mainly those yield high demand

Route Equipment Upgrade

Manchester (KMHT)

KMHT-KDEN | To be upgraded from Airbus A321 to MD-11 Starting Fall of 2018
KMHT-KMLI | To be upgraded from Boeing 737-700 to Boeing 737-800 Starting Winter 2018
KMHT-EGLL | To be upgraded from Boeing 767-300 to Boeing 787-8 Starting Summer 2018
KMHT-LFPG | To be Upgraded from Boeing 767-300 to MD-11 Starting Spring 2018
KMHT-KATL | To be upgraded from Airbus A319 to Airbus A321 Starting Fall 2018

Denver (KDEN)

KDEN-KMHT | To be upgraded from Airbus A321 to MD-11 starting Fall 2018
KDEN-KLAX | To be upgraded from Airbus A320 to Airbus A321 Starting Summer 2018
KDEN-KCOS | To be Upgraded from Airbus A318 to Airbus A320 Starting Spring 2018
KDEN-KMLI | To be upgraded from Airbus A318 to Boeing 737-800 Starting Winter 2018
KDEN-RJAA | To be Upgraded from Boeing 767-300 to Boeing 787-8 Starting Summer 2018

These are the current routes that we plan on upgrading so we can accommodate passenger better on bigger and better airplanes. These routes are very important, and we are always reevaluating other routes to see if we can upgrade the aircraft to meet the demand.


We have been looking, and we have decided to open a new hub at the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport! We already have our Cargo hub here, but we have decided to also include passenger operations, and we will be utilizing both Concourse C and D at the Airport. Concourse D will be home to our soon to launch Aviation Airways Express. We plan to launch many new routes from our new Hub at Cleveland!

Website Under Construction

We will be updating our website, but due to time and other obstacles, it will take time before we finish.

Thank you for reading our post today, we hope your city made it into our new route list! If not, we are always looking for suggestions on where we should fly next! Thank you, and have a great day!

-Aviation Airways


Snow Storm impacts Manchester, NH

All Flights into MHT have been cancelled due to a Nor’easter that is passing by the area currently.
Aviation Airways flights will Resume on Thursday, March 15 at 12:01am EST.

If you have a flight with us, please contact us and we will rebook you onto a later flight on a later date.

Our Brand New Hub

Today, we have opened our Brand new hub at the Cleveland Hopkins International Airport!
We look forward to serving those in the Cleveland Area and surrounding Neighborhoods.
We will announce new routes out of Cleveland soon, so stay tuned!


Glad to see this airline still alive :)


Yes, we’re still alive. We just have lives to attend as well :)


You have a life? Weird…😂 I’m kidding. I can relate because people think CEOs and staff of VAs have to be there 24/7 Without rest. Stay safe my friend.


Hello Everyone! We have decided to come back and give you all a small update.

We are really sorry for the lack of posts, due to the fact life is getting in the way of our VA Operations, but we try to maintain and keep this VA alive as long as possible before we decide what to do next.

We have some updates regarding our Fleet


We have decided to Retire/Store the following airplanes:
Boeing 767-300 | To Be Retired by end of Summer 2018, Replaced by MD-11 and DC-10

Airbus A318 | To Be Stored until Aviation Airways Express Launches
Airbus A330 | To Be Retired by the end of Spring 2018. Replaced by the Boeing 787

Bombardier Dash 8 Q400 | To Be Transferred to Aviation Airways Express once launched

Aviation Airways Cargo

We currently have locations throughout the World from our Main hub in Cleveland. We have Decided to add in a new airplane to the Fleet, The Cessna C208.

We will use this Converted C208 to service small areas in the surrounding New England Area.

New Logo

We are looking for people who can help us by designing new a new Logo! Logo submission should be sent to daniel.cerritos52@gmail.com and the best logo will be used as our new Airline Logo!

We have many updates to come, but we are having trouble keeping our Airline alive, so we are sorry again if we do not post for such a long time. We hope you can understand, and thank you for taking the time for reading this thread.

CEO- Daniel Cerritos

Aviation Airways
“Brining Aviation to You”


Website Updated

Welcome, and here is the new splash screen which will greet you once you enter the website! Immerse yourself with brand new images that have been taken in Infinite Flight’s Global Scenery!

We are glad to have finally had the time to update the website, but we do want to say that Not All images have been updated to reflect Global. New Images will eventually replace all Non-Global images except for the Corporate VA Memorial

New Partnership Program

Introducing our Partnership Program! Looking for a VA to help transfer passengers to places where your VA doesn’t serve? Looking for a VA to fly your packages to locations not serviced by your VA? Look no further, we are here to help you out! As you can see, Frontier is our main partner whose helped us build our Denver hub from the ground up!

Want to see more? Visit our Website today and check out the new updated Information and Images here

We have Optimized our Website to fit Mobile Devices! It should be a lot better than the previous version. Enjoy!


Introducing Aviation Airways Air Taxi Services (Replacing Aviation Airways Private)

At Aviation Airways, there are some people out there that want to fly for an Airline for the First time, but do not have enough Experience to join in and begin their career. Today, we have decided to Replace Aviation Airways Private with an all new Air Taxi Service. This means that AAP is now Obsolete, and this new program AAATS, allows Grade 1 Pilots to join in the Virtual Airline with only 500 Experience!


We have transferred our existing Fleet from our Private Services to the new Air Taxi Services.

Cessna 172

Cessna C208

Cirrus SR-22

Cessna Citation X

What does this mean for new pilots looking to join in to and fly the Big Jets?

This Air Taxi Service allows a Pilot who is committed to fly and gain experience overtime as he/she flies to various locations around the United States, and Select locations in Canada and Europe.
If you are a Pilot fresh from learning how to fly, and have at least 500XP, knows all the Rules, and can fly a Cessna 172, we encourage you to join us so we can help you gain XP while flying to multiple places.

Pilots who already have Experience in flying Big Jets (and have 40,000XP), are encouraged to join the main airline instead

To learn more about this new service, please visit our website below by clicking the link here:



Due to the weather, visibility flying into Manchester Will be limited at certain times. Use caution when Landing at Manchester. Downpours will reduce visibility at certain times.


Introducing Seasonal Non-Stop Service to San Juan from Manchester, NH

Today, we are announcing new seasonal service to the US Territory of Puerto Rico. We will be serving San Juan seasonally during the Summer from June 1st to September 22nd.
This route will be flown on a Boeing 737-800. With this new route announcement, it’s the first ever route to serve a US Territory, which means US Customs are not necessary when entering and exiting Puerto Rico.

We hope you like this announcement! The flight begins June 1, 2018!

KMHT-TJSJ x2 Boeing 737-800

Aviation Airways
Brining Aviation to You


Looking for an airline to fly with? We have available spots!

We are looking for Pilots, and we welcome those who are excited to start flying with a Virtual Airline. We have many locations where you can fly as a Pilot, from our Hub in Manchester to the beautiful paradise of Hawaii.
All we ask is you fill out the Application forum, and we will send an Invite to our Slack team.
We also have many routes shared by our Partner at Frontier VA.

Thank you, and we hope to see you on our team soon!




Aviation Airways VA and the City of Manchester is proud to announce the Arrival of Frontier VA into Manchester, NH!
While Frontier does not currently serve Manchester In Real Life, it does not mean that they will in the future. We hope F9 does well servicing Manchester, and hope for them to bring many new routes and destinations from Manchester.
Aviation Airways will share gates with Frontier VA, which means that departure times will have to be adjusted in order to fit their aircraft when needed.
Thanks to Frontier VA for choosing Manchester as your next destination, and thank you all for reading this amazing announcment!

To learn more about this announcement, please click on the link to go to Frontier’s Main Thread:


Frontier VA will commence Services starting Wednesday, May 16, 2018


Introducing Aviation Airways Express

Today, we are excited to start our new regional carrier Aviation Airways Epxress!

What is Aviation Airways Express?

Aviation Airways Express is a subsidy carrier of Aviation Airways. We fly regional jets to multiple cities where bigger planes cannot fly into.


Today, we announce the Arrival of our First Bombardier CRJ700 into Manchester, NH! We have orders for 24 more, and they’ll be coming in very soon!
This new aircraft has brand new Mood lighting and a new, fresh interior, which our customers will love!

Brand new Interior!

Mood Lighting
We have orders for the following aircraft:

Bombardier CRJ200 - 35 ordered
Bombardier CRJ900 - 20 ordered
Bombardier CRJ1000 - 10 ordered

These aircraft will be arriving within the coming months from today, as we have just secured these aircraft today for early delivery.

We have other aircraft that will come out of storage and will be used for our regional carrier as well:

Embraer ERJ-170/175
Bombardier Dash 8-Q400


We have decided to launch the following routes with our Single Bombardier CRJ700, and as we continue to get more in, more routes will be announced:


These routes will commence Today!
We’re excited for you to experience our brand new aircraft, and we can’t wait to serve more cities as we get more Deliveries of our brand new airplanes!

Thank you for reading our new post, and we hope to see you on board soon!

-Aviation Airways VA - CEO Daniel Cerritos
Brining Aviation to You


Our first Aviation Airways Express flight is departing soon to Trenton-Mercer! Trenton, NJ is a new route that we announced today, and we’re thrilled to serve New Jersey’s small airport in Trenton!

Flight: AVE1251
Aircraft: Bombardier CRJ700
Duration: 1:15


We are Inaugurating a new route to Ithaca, NY This Friday!
Here you see the routes we currently serve from MHT from Aviation Airways Express, as well as the frequency of the CRJ that will be used, and the amount of daily flights to/from that destination.

We also launch MHT-SJU This Friday as well!


You forgot to add that FVA’s Regional CRJ now operates flights out of Manchester ;) might want to add that under Airlines with our destinations (you absolutely don’t have to, just if you’d like to see how it looks).