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We are planning on creating our own Regional Carrier under the name Aviation Airways Express. With this regional Carrier, we will transfer these aircraft and use them on small, regional routes:

Bombardier Dash 8 Q-400
Embraer E170
Airbus A318

We would like to hear your opinion on this new idea on this poll here

    • Aviation Airways Express is a great idea
    • Aviation Airways Express isn’t a good idea
    • Just keep Aviation Airways the way it is

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We have some good news regarding Fleet Managment.

With the DC-10/MD-11 released, we have “ordered” a couple and they will be delivered to our HQ in Manchester a couple of days from now.

Aviation Airways will be conducting Touch and Goes with these airplanes at MHT once delivered so our pilots can get familiar with the airplanes before we put them into scheduled service.

We will post screenshots once we receive the new airplanes later this week.


Due to a snowstorm passing by New Hampshire at this time, several flights out of Manchester are delayed. International Flights out of KMHT are cancelled.

AV830 KMHT-KDEN (Now Departing at 8:55pm) [Gate 5]
AV550 KMHT-KORD (Now Departing at 7:30pm)
[Gate 6]

AV5051 KMHT-KCLE (Cancelled) [Gate 1]
AV6671 KMHT-CYYZ (Cancelled) [Gate 3]
AV5446 KMHT-EGLL (Cancelled) [Gate 4]


All Flights out fo KMHT are now operating normally. Thank you for your patience and time, and are sorry for any inconvenience the storm may have caused.


MD-11 have arrived at our Hub in Manchester

DC-10F has arrived for our Cargo ops

Our first DC-10 has arrived at our Hub
Aviation Airways is proud to present our newly added airplanes in our fleet today, The MD-11, DC-10, And DC-10F. These airplanes will be used for pilot testing in the first weeks before being put into commercial and cargo service. We have ordered the MD-11F, which will be arriving sometime later this month.

Once these airplanes are in service, we will use them on domestic routes before we deploy them into international routes.

All MD-11’s, DC-10’s, and DC-10F’s will be stationed at KMHT and KDEN. We will introduce our first International route to Tokyo out of Denver later this month with the MD-11 and DC-10. The DC-10F will be used on both Domestic and International Routes out of both airports.

With these new airplanes, our pilots will be challenged as this airplane is a lot different from the modern planes they have been flying.

Thank you, and we hope you’re having a good day!

-Aviation Airways VA


Getting loaded up at Albuquerque, NM

AV332 First DC-10 Flight

Today, we did our first test flight of our DC-10. We flew a DC-10 all the way down to ABQ pick up some PAX on a short domestic route to Denver.

This flight used the AV332 number to Denver.

Flight Path of AV332

The flight went very smoothly, no issues occurred during all phases of flight. The landing was very smooth, and we will continue to do more flights like this so our Pilots can get Familiar with the airplane

After Landing at Denver at Gate A37

Our DC-10F is currently stationed at KCLE, while our MD-11 is stationed back at our homebase in Manchester. We sent our DC-10F to Cleveland for our first Cargo run to Denver.

Our MD-11F is set to Deliver later this month, and will be sent to KMHT, and will be ferried to KCLE for another cargo run. All flights will head to Denver, as most of our MD-11(F)/DC-10(F) will be stationed at Denver, where we have a Maintenance facility there that handles all types of airplanes we have in our fleet.

We will station a few here in Manchester, but when Maintenance is needed, it will be sent to Denver for normal inspection.

Thank you, and have a great Tuesday!

-Aviation Airways


AV430, our first DC-10F, is now making it’s way after spending a day at Cleveland. We plan on operating our own cargo hub at Cleveland. Aviation Airways does serve CLE, but we think it would be great to open a Cargo Ops at Cleveland to many destinations around the US and the world.
Our current Cargo ops are located at our home base in Manchester, NH and our other hub at Denver. Once our MD-11F Arrives, it will be ferried to Cleveland, and will make it’s way to Denver for a cargo run. These aircraft will then return to CLE, and be ferried back to MHT, where they will be flown to Europe for the first International Cargo run.

We have a lot of plans for the future of our Cargo Ops. Soon we will set up a Cargo hub at Cleveland, where we will fly cargo all over the world.

Current Cargo hubs
Manchester, NH (KMHT)
Denver, CO (KDEN)

From us here at Aviation Airways, where we bring Aviation to you.

AV430 made a successful cargo run to Denver

Aviation Airways Flight 430 Made a successful Cargo Flight to Denver with our brand new DC-10F. This is the first ever scheduled Cargo Flight for Aviation Airways Cargo, and we will be launching more Cargo route out of Denver, Manchester, and soon, Cleveland! Thank you for supporting our airline, and we thank our Partner Frontier for allowing us to open our Hub at Denver!

Aviation Airways VA


Today, we would like to announce that we are starting Seasonal Service to Aspen starting January 1, 2018. This will be a seasonal route, and will only last During the Winter (December 21st to March 20th). This Seasonal Route will be offered on Weekends only.
We Also Plan on Launching this Seasonal Route from Manchester, NH, and will also be offered on weekends only.

Here are the current routes we offer from Denver

Current Routes offered by Aviation Airways

We will be adding more routes as we expand.

Aviation Airways Express

We have decided to go ahead and Found our Regional Airline Aviation Airways Express. With AVE, we will offer many more routes to cities that larger airplanes cannot fly to. Currently, our planes to Launch AVE will be in the Spring of 2018 or earlier. We will transfer the following airplanes onto our Regional Fleet:

Bombardier Dash 8 Q400
Embraer E170/175

We are planning to Launch AVE at our home base at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, so stay tuned when we announce the Inaugural Flight of Aviation Airways Express.

Aviation Airways Express is fully owned and operated by Aviation Airways.

Thank you for reading our thread, and we will continue to regularly post on important information/News we may have from our airline here.

-Aviation Airways


Join us next Monday as we begin the Holiday Rush out of Manchester in our very first Rush Hour Event!


Hello everyone, and Happy Holidays!

We are looking for many new people who are interested to become Pilots for our Virtual Airline, as well as other staff members, Slack Admin, Route Assigner, and other positions.

This is a Three Section Application, so please take the time to read all questions thoroughly before answering.
We hope to have you join our ever growing airline!

Once we receive your Application, it will be reviewed and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Thank you

We look forward to having you on our team

Aviation Airways
Daniel Cerritos -CEO of Aviation Airways

[Completed] Aviation Airways New Years Eve Rush Hour @ KMHT - 311800ZDEC17

I just applied as a pilot.


Ok, thanks for your application! I’ll have a look at it when I have a chance, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!


This is a good group. I personally recommend them :)


Sure i’ll be for the event flying from manchester-boston to washington national airport on an a320 of american airlines just in time at 1800Z


Are you referring to the Event scheduled on New Years Eve? If so we use Generic airliners for our Virtual Airline, so you’d have to spawn in using a Generic Airbus A320.

Please post a reply here on the Event topic :)


Our very first Commercial Pilot @MathAviation7 doing an Overnight Flight to Dubai! Congratulations on becoming our very first Pilot at Aviation Airways! We hope you have a safe flight to Dubai!

Want to join us here as a Pilot looking to get some XP? We are looking for Commercial and Cargo Pilots! We have many positions Available, but we are mainly looking for Members wishing to join a VA as a Pilot. Whether you’re already part of Another VA, or just starting out, we welcome all who come! We look forward to having you on our team soon!

This is a Three Section Application, so please make sure to read through each question thoroughly before answering them
once you pass in an application, we will review it and get back to you as soon as possible

-Aviation Airways VA Brining Aviation to you


Perfect I’ll fly from Manchester-Boston to Washington National see u there!!!


Today, we announce a Brand new Route to Europe! Our Pilot @MathAviation7 as AV1948 Heavy departed from our Hub at MHT and is headed to LGRP, an Airport located in Greece! Due to LiveFlight showing as “Flying VFR”, it unfortunately doesn’t show the Flight Plan.

Airport Information:
LGRP: Rhodes International Airport
Location: Greece (In Europe)

Fun Fact: The the Flight Number, 1948, represents the year Rhodes Island became a part of Greece!

Flights to Rhodes Island is now available for Travellers! This is a year round flight

Here we have another flight that is en route to Long Island (KISP).

Want to become a part of our team of amazing Pilots? We welcome you to apply today! At Aviation Airways VA, Pilots are assigned routes to where they can fly to the many places we serve! Pilot’s are also assigned a route that will be launched as a new destination!

We encourage you to apply for our Airline via the link on Post #35, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

-Aviation Airways Brining Aviation to you


Happy New Years from all of us here at Aviation Airways VA!

We hope to have a good new year with some new routes! We plan on launching our Regional Airline Aviation Airways Express in the spring of this year.

We hope you enjoy the New Years!


Sounds cool hope to join soon.


Interested to see what’s up with Aviation Express :) best of luck our partners!