Australian Adventure! @ YSSY - 220200ZSEP17


May i please have a gate kind sir?


@United_Airlines - Gate 38 for you Sir
@Gershy - Gate 39 for you
and @Dylan844r - Gate 40 for you!

Hope to see you all gentlemen up there! 😉


Would be great to do.

What gate


Wondering if you could add me on the gate list please :)


May I get a gate please?


@Lewis_Dean - Gate 41 for you Monseiur
And @Samuel_Szeto - Gate 42 for you!!
Looking forward to see you in the event!


Cool I will be there, please I need a gate for 747-400 thanks


When will this take place oh and if it hasn’t happened may I have a gate I’d like to participate please give me the details as in what time I’m in central time in America thank you


I probably will be there.
Could i have a gate just in case?😄


May I have a gate please?


Gate please for Aussie Aviation.


I won’t be able to attend the event. You can release my gate.


Can I please have a gate please


Niceeee I’m looking forward to this


Why does is say on my phone that the event is in 2019?


@QantasVirtual incorrectly formatted the event title.


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