ATR-72 Family


Could just unvote old stuff


I saw a lot of those from Binter and Canaryfly at Lanzarote last holiday, I would love to see them added, so we can fly many short routes or island hopping routes.


Thank you. Your the second person to tell me this on this thread. 😂 I know how this voting stuff works. 😉


Great post Misha! I love the PNG ATR!


Flybe might not allow them to include it… With Microsoft Flight Simulator, they were very strict on what to allow… I believe…


Island hoping is so much fun! Global makes it even cooler going from island to mainland and back 😃


If they made this plane with a Silver Airways livery I would go crazy.


i would love this for global


Would love this added with Aer Lingus Regional.


I love this aircraft. Aer Lingus and HOP ! liveries would be awesome


Yes and have cargo airlines like FedEx Feeder.


Amazing request!! I’d love to do some steep approaches with it 🙂


This is a great request. Hopefully I’m able to fly Firefly!


The ATR is one of my favourite aircraft. I want this so much.


You know what Misha, I was a big fan of the Bombardier Dash 8 q400 and I think I’m gonna like this aircraft too! Unfortunately I have no votes left 😥


I see a FedEx ATR-72 over my house every day flying EGNT-LFPG (Newcastle-Paris), would love to see this in IF. Got my last vote


I saw quite a few of these from Tap Portugual yesterday in lisbon as i went there for the day. I think i would be a good aircraft to have in the game.


just want to bump this up. Love this plane, need this plane!


The ride is amazing!! To bad they retired them. I would have loved to see it in AAs New Livery. It was so great most people who had the chance to ride one would call it THE GLORY DAYS


@MishaCamp… Just saw this “Bump”! MaxSez:Why nominate a $7000 cheaper look alike version of the Dash-8/400 which is already in the IF inventory? All ATR models have a poorer performance rating than any of the Dash series and they have a terrible safety record in comparison. Seem our members choose nominees based on looks not capability. It also seem operational history, reputation and performance are never considered, the tri holders requested are prime examples of eyeball nominations. I’d suggest nominators do a bit of research. The eye of a beholder is no judge of true character. Google is your friend, astatics are for the show room floor.

(Extract This Q400 v. the ATR, comparison is predicated on mission profile. That said, the Q400 is a power horse. Over 10K horsepower in the turboprops (combined with a 13ft prop) and that bird gets up fast. I wouldn’t be so concerned about short field performance either. While I agree the ATR has a lower takeoff and landing speed it’s less economical in fuel & maintenance cost than the Q400s who’s props are so big and the reverse so powerful that if you really wanted to stop the thing short on comparable runways no contest, its faster to.). No Vote for you! Gooday…