ATR-72 Family


So it's like number 20 on your list....nice 😐

Avions de Transport regional ATR-42 series
Avions de Transport regional ATR-42 series

Sorry I just have other things I want in IF


This would be amazing! :)


we need this for air nz livery and new zealand domestic flights :)


Great request, I'd love the ATR! Especially with ANZ and VOZ πŸ˜‰


This is definitely needed! I cant wait anymore to see this in Garuda Indonesia's Explore livery ❀


Ooo that'd be so nice. Short hops around Aus with the VOZ livery


I still have all of my votes but one. If anyone would like them I will sell them for a small fee 😜


If this is added we really need these two beauties!


I'd love to do Bristol-Dublin/Cork in the EI Regional version of this...


Does this include the atr-42?


What? This thread or my reply?


This thread specifically


No because 72 does not equal 42


Why family then? 42&72 are from same family, then just say ATR72 without saying family cause it's the only plane


Does it really matter? If you're going to be this pedantic go into law and stop bothering my innocent thread πŸ™„


I never bothered on anything, just saying that the ATR72 doesn't go without his little brother, that's all. It's not that difficult, just shorten the ATR72 and you get the ATR42 ;)


I didn't like the Dash 8 because of the way it looked with its main gear placed under the props, not to mention its frequent incidents of collapsing gears. This seems like a perfect turboprop.


I'd prefer the black Air New Zealand livery. It looks slicker.


Nice request Misha! This is the way a feature request should look like:-)