ATC Question


I had a question about using ATC. I run IF on my phone because I feel it is a lot easier to use like and xbox controller than using a tablet. That being said, I do want start controlling and eventually work my way up to IFATC. Now…

Is it hard to control on a phone? Is controlling on a tablet recommended?


Yes… a tablet would be better than a phone… a phone has small buttons which i always accidentaly press


Agreed, tablets are better as you can see a larger radar and more aircraft which is especially important if you’re on Approach.


there used to be a atc practice website a few years back is that still active? if so, what is it.


Very true, I use the phone for IF and I always press the wrong button


There is a YouTube channel containing tutorials here:
And if you want to practise as ATC, just go to the ‘Training Server 1’ server


I’ve used a phone and an iPad, and the iPad is much nicer for controlling.

There are a number of folks that use phones for controlling in the IFATC ranks, so it is possible!


I never used IPhone for IF,only iPad,and honestly i can understand how is possible control with the iPhone.


That being said don’t let not having a tablet keep you from trying to apply within IFATC!


It’s easier on a tablet. That being said you could could get used to controlling on a phone, I have done it and it’s not too bad as long as you have a relatively large screen like those on the latest iPhones 6 newer etc. It’s all about your preference.


I control on a 4.5" phone, and I don’t struggle too much. Just keep the “disregard last message” handy in case of a misclick 😉


Using a phone to control is finger wars. It’s very easy to make a mistake, and it’s especially difficult because the radar screen is much smaller.


I always (When I can) control on my tablet as other people have said there are lots of disadvantages with a phone although you can still do it ;)


The world of Infinite Flight is bigger with a tablet ;)


It most certainly is, brilliant for controlling Approach.


I’d say, if you have a tablet, use it. If not, don’t go buy one. I use my phone (iPhone SE) to control and rarely presses the wrong button. I think is slightly better on a tablet though.


At this point it all depends on the phone you have. Personally I have the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and the stylus comes quite in handy for controlling on my phone. Users with an LG Stylo have the same work around that I do. While I admit, controlling on phones has more accidental button presses than a tablet, nevertheless sometimes that the only device people have on them.


I use iPhone 6, when I am on ATC I have it go through my computer screen so I can have the enlarged view, still have to control through phone, but you get a good view


I joined IFATC while using my phone to control. The phone works great for tower and ground controlling. However, radar controlling is much easier with a tablet.


I use my iPhone to control no problem, rarely send a wrong message because of the small size.
I tried using an iPad but it just felt so weird, but I know many people who use it. So I guess it is just about which one you are more comfortable with, it doesn’t really affect your controlling. Maybe can try remembering the most used button location/sequence to achieve more efficient controlling