[Arrived] Manchester, NH Fly out (Real World Routes) @ KMHT - 111830ZJUL18


Heya! I’ll take Gate 15A with the Southwest 737 please.


Already taken, the person above you just got the gate. Would you like to do the ORD flight instead? Should last you about 2 hours or less


I’ll take that then. Thank you.


That’s alright :) it is a first come first serve basi. I understand though :) I’ll put you in for gate 1


Are there spots for GA? If so I’ll come in a Cessna Citation to Centennial (KAPA)


I normally don’t do GA. You are welcome to join in when the event starts though! All GA gates are open to the public


All Gates and spots have now been taken! This airport is now full! If you would like a Customs spot, such as General Aviation, please request one, and I will gladly put you in!


Nice event is full cant wait to see every one in there


@GolferRyan I have added a custom spot for you. See you there! Make sure to spawn in 15 minutes early :)


Event is tomorrow! Can’t wait to start at 2:30pm!



Can’t wait to see you all there!


We Now have a gate OPEN! MHT-DTW is now available!

Once 2:30pm hits, all gates not occupied will be CLOSED!


@GolferRyan If you want an airline route there is one left!


Event starting soon! Anyone who has a gate can now spawn in early so you can create a FPL! Please wait patiently as well so everyone can spawn in, thanks!


Less than 30 minutes to go! We have two gates open! KMHT-BWI and KMHT-KDTW are OPEN!


I won’t be able to make it guys, sorry. If anyone wants to take the MHT - CLT Route it’s available


Less than 10 Minutes to go. LAST CALL FOR GATE ASSIGNMENTS!


We are now departing! Any gate not occupied has now been closed!

Follow us on LiveFlight and see most of the flights depart!


What server are you guys on?


Training Server 1 right now.