[Arrived] Manchester, NH Fly out (Real World Routes) @ KMHT - 111830ZJUL18


Ill take the Gate 9: American flight to CLT please.


All American Airlines Gates are now full!

We now have Southwest and United available! We also have FedEx and UPS available as well!

Thanks for joining!


I’ll take FedEx stand 4 mht-ind


One Delta Gate has opened!

We have Gate 6 open for MHT-ATL!


We have many spots still open :).

Come on down and pick a gate, any gate that you wish to do with that corresponding route. I hope to see you soon!

Reminder: All American Airlines Gate’s are FULL! We have One Delta gate open, two United Gate’s still open, and we have plenty of Southwest gates open! We also have One FedEx Spot open, and two UPS Spots still open!


Count me in for gate 12 please


ACVA121 but I will fly southwest tho for ya


Thanks for joining! You don’t have to use your VA callsign. It can be any callsign.

Hope you’ll have a fun flight going to Tampa from my home airport in Manchester, NH next week :). Can’t wait to see you in next week!


Thanks I’ll cya there! :)


Hi, is it okay if I take Gate 2 out to KEWR please?


Count me in for Gate 15 B737-800 KMHT KMCO


Thank you both for joining!

We still have plenty of gates open!


Hi can i be delta airlines gate 6 A319?


Thanks for joining!

All Delta Gates are now FULL! We have two remaining Southwest Gates, and One Remaining United Gate! We have one remaining FedEx Stand and Two open slots for UPS!


Do i choose the time if i do ill try my max to be there at 2:30Pm


You’ll have to spawn in 15 minutes early at most so that you can create your Flight Plan and so everyone else can spawn in :)


Ok thx so 2:15Pm ill be there


Can i use gate 14 pls


Thanks for joining!

We now have A single Gate/Stand open for Southwest, United, and FedEx! We still have two open slots for UPS


What time does the event start ?