Android users Lets fly


Just explained that we don’t know when the update will be and we have been told a few days that’s all we know


Ahhh, I see what the devs did. They are secretly Android fans. So that’s why they released the update to Apple users first. That way they face all the trouble while we get the more refined version of the release. Thanks!


Thats exactly what the devs used to say when they released updates on Android earlier than iOS in the past. Like Android’s were the lab rats to iron out the flaws and give a glitch free experience to iOS users. :P


If I’m not mistaken, this topic was for an android user group flight in one of the regions. Discussing the release date is off topic and against the OPs wishes.


Wow, at least you guys can fly lol.


Guessing your having issues with global too lol


Can you please calm down? Don’t try to say that Android has been left in the dark, you guys have been getting the updates first for years. Just be patient like us apple users have had to be for the many updates before this.


Can we have a argument free topic please.


Hi guys this wasn’t set up purely for a android global discussion it was for anyone on android that may want to fly woth each other. Please keep on topic


You’re acting like a little kid and you know they can block you.


I never thought I’d see myself saying something like this but man this old version on android is making me so depressed… flying around speaking out atc to myself because they are hard to come by these days… pretending airports are busy by doing holding patterns above the aerodrome, waiting at the hold short line for 10mins with the hope I’ll see someone else so it gives me a excuse to hold short, but nope just me flying about in a cut off dimension :-)


Jak długo czekać aktualizację


You guys do realize that complaining isn’t going to speed up the process in any way.


You’re right though I think they’re going to keep complaining


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