Android users Lets fly


Well, people have opinions


It seems it’s about Apple apple apple apple use androids just left out in dark


Share you feature request with us :-)


Android devices are harder to support - the Android OS is fragmented, dozens of manufacturers, hundreds of devices. Nightmare.

I support the decision to let Apple go first - if 50% of customers are more easily supported, get them sorted before the Android stampede.
Plus if there are any glitches common across all the Apple devices, they can put the fix into the initial Android release.

Android users have been spoilt with first releases in the past - we aren’t hard done by.

Ps all you worrying about battery drain, get a power bank and plug it in while flying. Anker make some good 20,000 Mah (about 5 times usual phone battery size) which will keep you flying for ages.


Hello everyone,

While Android users await an announcement from the Infinite Flight Team we encourage friendly and informative discussions here. Just keep it cordial and considerate.

Thank you for your patience ;)


Well how long is it until we get global ? Because there’s alot of us that is getting a bit bored !


Laura said it will be in a few days we should wait until we get a news about that


Time will tell. They are just as anxious to get this update out to everyone. There is a method to all of this. We appreciate your patience ;)


Laura said I can request a refund I don’t understand what she meant but I was thinking about doing that anyway because I’ve just had enough waiting and waiting I know you guys work hard etc but I don’t know why we didn’t get the update the time as Apple! But yeah I’m thinking about getting my money back and deleteing infinite flight I guess I will hold on until the weekend to see what happens!


Wait it out, trust us you won’t be disappointed. The update opens the door to so many new possibilities.


All I have to say is how does it feel 😜


Can you say when the update for Android is likely gonna happen?


Hmm… I think this is about the 12038490283901283th time I’ve checked the play store for an update today xD


Beautiful attitude, thank you!


Hahaha i did that also but with no luck.


Just be sure to check in regularly here in the community and you’ll see an announcement when the Infinite Flight Team is ready. Cheers ;)


But there isn’t anything about us getting global soon and as you can see ALOT of us are getting annoyed!


You’ve got to use your energy elsewhere. Put down your phone and go outside or relax. This is a smart roll out but the team. If they launched everything at once it could be a total gong for everyone.

I’m a fan of this phased approach as it benefits the end user. Honestly, I get tired of the immaturity of this community at times. You’re not owed Global. You paid for your current flight Sim so feel free to use that.


Nope I’m just going to go and fly my spit instead !


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