Android users Lets fly


We have unemployed pilots now, hell no I ain’t getting on there flights 😂😂


With super fast trigger fingers to tap the Play Store Icon for updates !!!


You guys nailed it! By the time I got home from work there was no point in even trying…i downloaded some planes, that’s about it.


I understand users of android are eager to get on global but thinking about it seriously, I really don’t want this update to affect us as it has done with apple, and to make things worse everyone who is messaging the devs and mods with demands on when it will hit android is only slowing the release process down by them having to take time out of development to deal with our questions.


All you android users need to get Valxp’s …Infinite Tracker app from the GPS…there is no better tracking app than that…


Fingers crossed :)


What does that mean ? In case she missed It we have waited


“Stretch your wings”, nice pun lol


In other words because android has had every other update first they decide apple will get it this time. And they are just finalising a few things so we only have a few more days to wait:)


Well it’s Thursday to day Friday tomorrow I don’t think we won’t get this update until at least 2 weeks


I’m on the same level but let’s not speculate. We just know it’s a few days away :)


I think FDS didn’t expect this to be so massive. Android users are usually more that those of Apple so imagine when we join in. I’d rather they take more time to sort this out.


They didn’t expect there own biggest update so far to be so big… good Xmas cracker joke there 😂


You all need to reread what l posted earlier…that is one realistic possible scenario at this point !!!


Well, they upgrading severs ‘on the go’. So you tell me. But there’s nothing wrong with that, it happens, its challenges that come with growth. They will sort it out eventually.


Do you all realize that every eight hour plus flight will take at least two battery charges… so you might as well just dedicate one device exclusively to flying in IF…since you will probably never have anytime to use it for anything else !!!


Haha, good one, or maybe IF should just start manufacturing their own devices xD


Since IF seems to be a little more IOS friendly… l doubt if Apple would let them do that !!!


That’s not a bad idea, though.


I would like to make a feature request, but there’s an inside feeling I’m getting that it just wouldn’t turn out well :D