Android users Lets fly


Is anybody available for a group flight, getting bored flying around practically on my own. Any route and server suggestions please mention below :-)


London - Birmingham. That’s a nice one that I will miss in global


You can still do it in global, but I’m sure you will wanna stretch your wings a bit further :-)


Not available for Android users…


I know it’s not, I was trying to explain what you could do when global does hit for android :-) but anyway back on topic this thread isn’t here for the discussion of global:-)


Then we can continue our conversation here


I’ll be up for a flight later on say around 19.30 ish bst


Let me know on here, I’ll join you! I’m bst too :)


I think you all are really ghosts… just visual glitches in my device !!!


Are you on android? Please explain more


For what it’s worth, most of us still can’t get on because the servers are so overloaded…you’re not missing much.


I got to 3.1 mil plus XP flying on a relatively cheap Android device…didn’t need no fancy Eyepad !!!


I’ve come to the conclusion I’m more than happy to wait for the servers to be fixed, id rather have access immediately when it’s released to us


Did it crash regularly?


Yep I’ll 2nd that tho the sooner the better man,


This is very true, I have apple and my flying time is 0 since the update. So I’m with you my android brethren;) I’m going on vacation so hopefully things will be in order when I get back.


FYI…this morning there were close to a thousand pilots combined on the global servers… wait till the weekend when everybody jumps on…figure 1500 to 2K …enjoy your long flights…if you ever get them started !!!


most of us can’t get on he says


Jokes aside I know there’s been some major issues with servers


Those are the ones on unemployment who have nothing better to do than sit in front of a loading screen all day :-D


You all need to follow Laura and Philippe on Twitter…that is where you will find out any new info… first !!!