American Airlines Boeing 787-8


American has the 5th most 788’s in operation. I highly advocate for its insertion into IF. I strongly feel the 789 and 787-10 are a bit long and the 788 is the perfect size.

A considerable addition to the 788 when the MD11/DC10 update comes out.


I completely agree, the AA livery compliments the 787 so well…


It definitely looks “gerat”! Ran outta votes tho :(


Let’s give this beautiful machine some votes people…


would fly this all the time, I knew American airlines had the 787 but it wasn’t on IF?? have my vote


Yea, it would be great to have an American carrier on the 787-8.


We have Delta in the -8, which they ditched in favor of the A350.


Agreed. We don’t need this livery. American has the -9 already, this is asking FDS too much.


Naw… it would still be greatly appreciated.


That’s not the point. We need other airlines in Infinite flight, not just for the large liveries to overtake the smaller, more interesting ones.


Are you on a feature request patrolling session? People can vote for whatever they want. If you want to have smaller, more interesting liveries in the sim, go and vote for them. Don’t question and lecture everyone.


Then create your own feature requests on liveries and planes that you would like to see, and stop whining about American Liveries that have been requested and have had support.


I just have my opinion. jesus


I was giving the forum my opinion in a calm manner. It is a shame you can’t do the same :)


With the recent AA News about ordering more 787s, let’s this give this livery a few more votes…


its beautifulbv this plane is very beautiful infinite flight should I add it in following updates=)


Anybody that has spare votes, please help to make this livery come true.

Thank you


Another great livery to be added to the IF, since we do not yet have the B763 with the current livery.


I wish I had votes for this, I flew on this beauty and I must say it’s needed


I saw news recently that American Airlines will retire its fleet of B767, A330 and B772 and replace them with the B787. The addition of this aircraft would be very good.