American Airlines A330-200


Read the previous posts - it’s a mistake. Nice livery and would be nice after the A330 rework.


American Livery on the A330 looks fantastic. Hopefully with the rework they’ll add this livery in.


Yes, i’d love to see this in IF. It’s a beautiful livery and fits the A330 very well!


The a330 does lack liveries so it would be fantastic to see the AA LIVERY!


I hope to see a lot of new liveries on the new A330s. And imo Americans new livery is one of the best looking out there.


I hope to see this added when the A330 rework takes place. It would be awesome to have wingflax and all the A330 operators added


This may be a really dumb question but could someone please tell me what wing flex is?



This is a great livery and hope to be added in the future A330 rework. You can do so many of the flights from Philadelphia to Rome, Barcelona or Athens etc.


I look forward to seeing the completed A330 rework. There are many super cool liveries that can be added with that rework.


Who toke the photo give the person credit.Bit over all nice choice


The topic is 2016. Perhaps, at that time there was no such requirement to add credit to the photo; in addition, in the photo itself has the credit. I could not read well, but it does.


Oh ok no problem I understand