American Airlines A330-200


I’ve flown on this many times.


And I thought that American Airlines would never support a non-American company. :-)


They apparently love the A319 to


Oh, I never knew that they had the A319. :-o


the IF a330s don’t even have U.S. liveries. you have the right to post this


Lucky for Dubai, they’re Rich, which gives them newest and most advanced aircrafts etc.


Just an FYI: The aircraft in the picture is an A330-300, whereas this request is for the -200.


@Alan_Perez since there is so much argument whether this is a -200 or -300 (this is a -300)
, why don’t you just change the picture? Or is the thread to old to do so? In that case, PM a mod.


If you read the description it seems it’s a request for the livery on the A330 in general but I don’t know for certain.


Yea but that’d be stupid, if the title says one thing and he purposely states something else in the description, I thought the same thing as you.


The title says “A330-200”.


I know but it was changed by Nathan so I’m led to believe what I said above


guys its not that serious…its a request to put American on the A330 thats it.


But can you specify? Why is that hard? People are so confused over this?


If you didnt read the posts towards the beginning, I created the thread as “American Airlines A330” for the A330-300 we have in IF. It was changed and not by me.


Okay, and you can’t change it back I’m guessing?


Firstly, I would like to apologize for all of the confusion I have caused. I edited the title almost a year ago so it was a stupid edit on my part at the time.

The only reason why I changed the title was because the request wasn’t specific enough. You can’t leave the title as American Airlines A330. There are two different types of A330s so I had to choose one. Since the A330-300 was already requested at the time, I changed it to the A330-200 although the picture was of the -300 variant. If you’re going to make a #features topic, you have to be specific on what variant of the aircraft you’re requesting. You simply can’t leave it as the base variant (B747, A340, etc).

Now, @Alan_Perez, if you’re requesting the American Airlines A330-300 and not the -200, then this topic is therefore a duplicate since it was requested before you made this topic. Now I doubt that you, or a moderator, will be able to edit this topic as it is almost a year old. You can try to edit your post (if you haven’t already) and add the appropriate picture of the American A330-200. If not, then you’ll have to request for this topic to be closed and make the proper -200 variant request.

Since we’ve all gone off on a tangent, let’s try to put an end to this. Hopefully this clears up any confusion. :)



Delta is a US airline…


I want so much that happen !!!


Although I hope this livery comes with the a330 rework